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Tuesday Thoughts and Spring Cleaning Of The Mind

Hi Friends, What did you implement last week? May is mental health awareness. Instead of diving deep into mental health issues, I want to start with awareness. Everything starts with awareness. Every choice. Every decision. Let's look at some maintenance decisions in our outer world: -we are aware that our bangs are growing out and decide to get a haircut -we are aware that the gas tank is on empty and decide to fuel up -we are aware that the house paint looks old and decide to paint the house -we are aware that we are out of bread and decide to go to the store -we are aware that summer time is approaching and we go through our summer wardrobe So far so good? Lets take a look at our inner world. In fact, just one part of our inner world. Our thoughts. We think they are true and we believe that they are facts. But are they really? Lets do this little exercise to grow awareness. To help you do this exercise we need two definitions. 1) The first is circumstance: A circumstance is a fact-without an opinion-it is out of our control-everybody agrees on it-it is neutral without any emotional charge. 2) The second is thought: A thought is the story in our brains about the circumstance-its the meaning we give it-it is subjective-everyone will have a different story-it can't be proven-it is not neutral but loaded with emotion. An example for a circumstance is the number on our scale, the temperature, the traffic, the model of our car, the $ in our account. Do this exercise below and circle T for thought or C for circumstance. C T I weigh 135 pounds C T My teen is rebellious C T We live in a house C T We need a new house C T My child said " Whatever" C T My spouse is mad at me C T My boss doesn't understand me C T I have a15 year old child C T Susy is my friend C T People like me C T I am going to a movie with Susy C T My mother in law doesn't understand me Have fun with this. And if you need an answer sheet, let me know:) So this week, do some spring cleaning in your brain by being aware of the difference of circumstances and thoughts. Imagine the confusion dissipating.

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You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

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