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Tuesday thoughts And Storms

Hi Friends, Did you implement the 1% rule in one area of your life? As you all know, we were hit by Hurricane Ian this past week. Thank goodness my family is unharmed. One of my daughters lost most of her belongings, as the house they rented was destroyed. Everyone else lost trees and fences and had some damage that can be repaired. We are thankful. It's interesting how we as humans deal with natural disasters like this one. Some prepare, some don't. Some are scared, some are not. Some hope for the best, and some predict the worst. Everyone huddles together during a storm like this. Making sure that the weaker ones are protected. I think all mammals have this instinct to protect their young. I had heard of an example in the animal world and want to share it with you. "The plains of North American can be a dangerous place, even for powerful creatures such as bison. They face predation mainly from wolves and mountain lions, who prey on the weak and the slow – like young bison. Bison typically run when they sense danger, but when predators approach without warning, bison form a multilayer circle of protection. The females form a ring around the young, and the males form an outer ring surrounding to the females. Their large, strong heads topped with horns and fast hooves often are enough of a deterrent to send predators elsewhere, although bison aren't afraid to fight back if the predators decide to attack.--" an excerpt from We need that, don't we? People circling around us, or us being part of this outer circle to protect. It gives us purpose and helps our anxious minds, because we are doing something to contribute. And even after this horrendous storm finally calmed down, you see so much good in humankind. The communities are setting up shelters. Giving out food. Neighbors offering wifi and showers and meals. Work crews from out of state are repairing power lines and cutting down damaged trees. It reminds me of Mr Roger's old saying that his mom taught him when he was a little boy and scared of the news:

"Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."

How do you show up as the protective circle? Sometimes that could mean a phone call. Or a card/text. A hand on someone's shoulder. An “I'm here if you need me." A listening ear. "I will go to the doctor’s with you." "Let me check your car to make sure it's safe to drive long distance." "Let me know when you arrive safely." "I will be here for you." "I got you." "I have time." "It will work out." "I know you will do great.” "Keeping you close in my thoughts today." "Praying for you." "I am so sorry you are going through this." "If you need to talk or cry, you know where to find me." "I'm rooting for you." "You are not alone." I hope you have a good circle of protection around you. And I hope you are part of that circle for someone else.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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