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Tuesday Thoughts And System Repair

Hi Friends, Did you name your judge from last week? It's such a helpful tool. Today, I want you to look at the picture I took at a private beach here in my area. What comes to mind? For me it's recharge. I had a networking friend recharge and do system repair on my laptop. Life happens and I couldn't get into my own laptop!! Well, she did her magic, and I paid for her services :), and as I was leaving her house I stopped at a little park that was by the bay. I sat a few minutes and just "recharged". I literally turned my car around and went to this park. As she had done system repair and recharge on my laptop, I thought: "This is how I do system repair" and how I "recharge". How do you do system repair? You know you need it. Sooner or later your system will shut down if you don't reboot or recharge. Here is something that you don't know happens when I stop at a beautiful place to recharge. Do you know what my first feeling is that cones up?? I am going to be transparent here. It's guilt. I feel guilty. Yes. Almost every time. I don't want to go into old beliefs (I have written about them), I just want to reference the judge from last week. He's always there. Even at the beach. And very annoying. "You should be doing something else." "Others don't have this privilege." "You shouldn't be here." You get the idea. Sometimes I stop 20 minutes before I pick up my son from high school. It's literally minutes away from the beach. The judge still comes with me then. But I still go. Why? It's a place of peace, of beauty, of calming sounds, and beautiful sights. I take it in. I breathe it in. I touch the sand with my toes and feel grounded. I get overwhelmed easily and this really helps me. Did you know there is science backing up earth grounding? Tree bathing? And just being in nature? We are meant to recharge there. Not in front of the TV. Nothing against TV. It has it's place. Being in nature is something your soul AND your body need. What is one way you do system repair? As always, I love to hear from you. It's not doing nothing. Just like your body repairs itself while you sleep. Your soul and mind and body recharge when you take a time out. Even your phone needs recharging. Your car needs fuel. Animals get energy from the sun.

Sensitive people feel so deeply they often have to retreat from the world, in order to dig beneath the layers of pain to find their faith and courage. Shannon Alder

What a beautiful quote.

  • Retreat.

  • Recharge.

  • Relax.

And find faith and courage. The outside noises are loud enough. The pain is deep enough. The overwhelm is big enough. The irritations are plenty.

It's OK to take time to recharge. (Yes I'm talking to myself.) How I had the energy to raise 6 children is a mystery to me. I was not familiar with self care and recharging and time out for mommy was not a thing. If you are reading this you are probably near your forties or beyond. It's time to allow yourself to recharge. Do you have a park nearby? A flower garden? A pond? A river? A walking path? A patch of grass? A tree? A pasture? A flower box? Go explore your surroundings and find places that recharge and ground yourself. It doesn't have to be a long hike or a whole day. A few minutes can be enough. Try it out. See how it benefits you. Make it part of your day. PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle Call or write for a free life coaching consultation #732-331-2246

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