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Tuesday Thoughts And The Blue Jay

Hi Friends,

I trust you have incorporated micro steps into your goal planning. It's more doable that way. 

And while you go about your goals, you and I together, we look around and we see women who are already there. And we compare ourselves. Is that fair to us? No! We can never compare where we are now to where they are. Am I immune to this? No way. I have many blocks and old beliefs that I am working on replacing. Therefore, I’m writing about these old beliefs because I need to hear it as well. 

I remember watching a blue jay once. I chose his picture above. I noticed the bright, beautiful blue coloring. And I thought : "What a beautiful bird." And then heard his song. The first "song" in the below video is what I heard!

Not that melodic, is it? I was taken a back that such a screeching sound could come out of such a beautiful bird. Isn't that what we expect from other women, who, in our eyes, have it all together? We expect that all parts of their lives are as great as what we see on the outside? 

That is never the case. I have talked to enough women, clients, friends or family, and I have read enough about women I have never personally met, to know, that WE ALL struggle.


For example:

Famous models struggle with their looks. 

Actresses struggle with confidence. 

Authors wonder if they can write. 

Moms struggle with self esteem. 

CEO's struggle with partner issues. 

Well educated women struggle with validation. 

...and the list goes on

Underneath the facade is always a woman like us. 

I remember the first time I coached a woman who had a really high standing in the company she worked for. I was so nervous. Only to realize, that the letters behind her name didn't protect her from interpersonal relationship struggles. She had the same problems with dating and self esteem as everyone else. It taught me a lot. I, who was comparing the lack of letters behind my name to hers, was able to be in the moment, connect and give her the right tools to help her situation. 

Now, switch gears with me. Imagine a vulture. They don't look pretty. No fancy colorful feathers. They are big. They look clumsy. And yet, they have the most wonderful "job" of cleaning up dead animals. They truly make the world a better place. A friend of mine told me once, that her spirit animal was a vulture and how she would have liked something else in its place. I smiled and I told her that vultures make the world a better place. They are wonderful about recycling and taking care of unsightly dead carcasses. Vultures are very much needed. She smiled and giggled. 

The blue jay, the vulture, you and I, we have a place in this world. 

Claim it.

Live it. 

Be it. 

Focus on you, and how you can brighten this world. The blue jay, next to you, has her own set of problems. 

Sing your song. Shine your colors. Do your job. 

This week's affirmation: 

 I claim my place in this world and brighten it with my unique colors.


PS: Message me for a free discovery call to move towards a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,


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