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Tuesday Thoughts And The End Of The Year

Hi Friends, 

A new, wonderful year lies ahead of you, waiting to be created and shaped by you. Perhaps, you have big dreams or goals in your heart that you wish to see come true in the coming months. I would like to share with you a few spiritual habits that will support you in creating a fulfilling 2024.

1. Focus on your inner world: Your inner world always creates your outer world. Consciously decide which thoughts you want to strengthen this year. Create a powerful "I am..." that strengthens and sustains you internally. Whatever you want to create on the outside begins with growth in your inner world. Take regular time for your spiritual practice. 

2. Start your day with gratitude: Before you check your emails or social media, take time in the morning to connect with your heart and all the abundance in your life. Consciously feel what is already in your life, for example:

Your healthFamily and your friendsYour jobNature with all its wondersThe fact that you have woken up and a new day is waiting for you

Gratitude is the energy that will always bring more good into your life. When you go into gratitude first thing in the morning, you don't think about all the worries and everything that could go wrong that day.

3. Experience your goals now: Write down your goals as if they were already a reality. Regularly connect with the feeling that your wishes and goals have already been fulfilled and act from this certainty. Remind yourself daily of your infinite, creative power. Set yourself an intention: Everything in this universe is based on the law of cause and effect. Every morning, set an intention for the energy you would like to bring into your day. Renew your intention with every new activity and create from the energy you want to experience as an effect in your life.

4. Forgive quickly and let go of what weighs you down: The greatest gift you can give your heart is to allow it to forgive. Your heart knows that forgiveness allows you to heal and regain your confidence. Forgiveness helps you to let go of all the old pain in the past and be emotionally free in the here and now. Forgiving means choosing to no longer suffer and allowing yourself to be happy again - no matter what. Make your own healing your way of life. 

5. Love your dark side as much as your light side: We lose so much energy by fighting against ourselves. Are you also convinced that certain parts of yourself are unlovable? The love in you loves everything about you. There is nothing you have to fight against. When we walk our personal and spiritual path and find out who we really are and live accordingly, the dark side is just as much a part of it as the light side. It is the universal law of polarity that says there are two sides to everything. Your task is to learn to honor and love yourself as exactly the person you are - with both sides. You are loved. 

6. Love instead of judging: Our ego is very quick to judge and devalue ourselves and others. We start to categorize into right and wrong, good and bad and miss the opportunity to look deeper and truly experience ourselves. Make it part of your spiritual routine to connect instead of judging. Keep reconnecting with the compassion and love within you and the deep wisdom that you can experience life and see it unfold, knowing that you are safe.

7. Focus on what you can give to the world: We learn very early on that it's all about getting something. But what if it's actually about what we can give and contribute? Ask yourself: How can I best serve the world today? What can I contribute? Who can I support? You will very quickly notice an inner shift that connects you with your gift to the world and allows you to be fulfilled from within.

8. Move your body: Your body is the temple of your soul. It is a miracle from head to toe. The more energy your body has, the more energy you have available to create your life and make powerful choices. Make your health and the energy of your body a priority. You will also feel much better mentally and emotionally if your body is feeling really well. Use nature as an aid, for example, in the form of long walks.

9. Cultivate joy: The most beautiful and spiritual expression of your being is your zest for life. You are here to experience yourself and to feel this life fully. You yourself are responsible for the joy in your life. You choose anew in every moment how much joy can be expressed through you. Don't be afraid to make the world around you shine with your light. That's exactly what you're here for!

10. Practice self care:The holidays can be taxing and exhausting. Make sure you take breaks and refuel as much as needed. Which of the 10 habits can't be missing for you in 2024?If you would like to be supported in your spiritual practice and long for some guidance, accountability with a heaping portion of encouragement, then message me for a free call to see how that would unfold.

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved.

Deeply loved.

Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,Isabelle

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