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Tuesday Thoughts And The Gratitude Jar

Hi Friends, 

How was your Christmas and New Year's? 

Before I share about the gratitude jar, I need to share what Dr. Caroline Leaf posted today. It resonated so deeply with me. Let me know if it resonates with you, also: 


New Year's Reminders:

  1. What you do today doesn't determine the rest of your month or even year.

  2. 2023 was a lot. Allow yourself to rest and ease into the year. You do not need to "start your year off strong."

  3. The "health kick" doesn't need to start today or at all. Only make changes you feel are sustainable and right for you, and come from a place of health and acceptance, not hatred for your body.

  4. Boundaries will need to be adjusted to match changes in yourself and life.

  5. You can start, restart, and begin again as many times as you need, and whenever. Doesn't mean you are a failure, it means you are a learner.


Doesn't that just make you feel OK? This is how I am starting the new year. With a lot of grace for myself and a lot of breathing and a lot of "It's ok." 

We can always adjust along the way. The harsh "finish strong" and "start strong" just doesn't speak to me. Nonetheless, I am reading a book called Level up and another called The Miracle Morning. 

I never want to stop improving myself and learning by reading. 

So, next is the gratitude jar. After a friend showed me her full jar of gratitude notes and said how wonderful it is to read all of these on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, I thought, that's a really great ritual. Then I saw it again on social media and thought, well, why not inspire others with this idea? 

It's easy.

It's practical.

It doesn't take a lot of effort...and it reaps big rewards. Why? 

If you have your sneakers by your door you are more likely to put them on and go for a walk. 

If you have a book by your coffee machine (or blender if you are into smoothies) then you are more likely to read instead of having to go get the book and so on...

Same with this new gratitude habit. Put an empty jar somewhere it's easy to access. Put a note pad and a pen next to it.  Every time you experience or think of something you are grateful for, jot it down, fold it up and put it in the jar. This does not have to be daily. But, just seeing it will remind you and as soon as you start your brain will be like: "Oh, we are looking for things to be thankful for-ok, I can help."  And that's literally what will happen. Your brain will look for and find things that you are thankful for. I am writing down five things I am grateful for on a daily planner page every morning, but I am not keeping the I can't read them at the end of the year. This jar will be filled with SMALL notes. Easy. How about it? Are you with me? Write to me if you are onboard. Here is your affirmation for the first week of the new year:  

I am allowing myself to ease into the new year


And If you know someone who needs a bit of a boost and some guidance and help with habits and processing emotions to live a more fulfilled life; send them my way. Especially, if they are women in midlife who are facing some tough decisions. I will be honored to be their coach. 

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