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Tuesday thoughts and The Rhythm Of Nature

Hi Friends, Did you enjoy hearing from Jim Rohn? Today I want to comfort you with the Law of Rhythm in Nature; The Law of Change. We witness it in nature in every change of season.

Why should this comfort you?

Because the Law of Rhythm states that everything is cyclical and change is always around the corner. This law is the process of moving you in and out of various phases of life as you experience seasons of change.

As one of the more visible laws, we can witness the Law of Rhythm at work in the effortless flow and cyclical nature of the world around us. You can think of this as the energy that causes a pendulum to swing in constant motion from one end to another.

The Law of Rhythm demonstrates the beautiful orchestration of the world around us as we go through life, fading in and out of various seasons. For example: - the rhythm of our breathing - the changing seasons - world economies peaking and collapsing - a woman’s monthly cycle - waves crashing and retreating Our world is in a constant state of movement; ebbing and flowing through various states. One of the guarantees in life is that life is always changing.

For example, you could be moving into a new phase of life where you are focusing less on your career and more on family. You could be ending a cycle of grinding and entering a cycle of rest. Or the opposite; you could be in midlife and focusing more on your career and less on raising children

Allowing ourselves to cycle through various phases is key. Allowing.

Down cycles do not say anything bad about your worth. If you want to grow in this life, and I know you do because you are reading this, you will experience turbulent cycles at times. Growth. I allow myself to grow.

For every single thing I cherish today, I can trace it back to one of the worst times in my fact, I just talked about that in an interview with AnonTalks.

For all the bad, there has to be good. Just like the seasons, sometimes a rough winter is preparing the foundation for a really beautiful spring. All phases bring new growth. Let's learn from nature and allow for new growth.

Change is unavoidable in life. Are you resisting it or fearing it? You get to decide by the meaning you are giving it.

We were born to have this human experience. The Law of Rhythm allows us to experience the spectrum of it all; only giving us doses we can tolerate as it flows in and out of opposites.

When you are experiencing a rough patch, have comfort knowing that it is always temporary. It's like that saying goes, "this too shall pass". This is the Law of Rhythm. (Some of this content is edited from a blog by Bre Brown.) PS: Message me for a free consult to move towards more acceptance in the rhythm of life.

You are loved. Deeply loved.

Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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