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Tuesday Thoughts And The World Needs You

Hi friends, how are you? I am writing this after yesterdays happenings in our capitol. I will not write about politics. I will write to you to spread your peace and your love.

True freedom is not about doing anything you want to do. It is using the wisdom within to do what is necessary to live a truthful life. One that you can stand in and be proud of.

You have the wisdom to make a difference in this frustrating, confusing and frightening world.

You have the skills to make an impact to turn the tide towards love, compassion, and truth.

You have the capability to be a model of integrity.

Today, you are needed more than ever.

If you do nothing but live a life that practices the art of conscious living, you will impact the people in your influence. And they will influence their circle. And so on.

Your children need you.

Show them wisdom and peace.

Talk to them .

Better yet, listen to them.

You are needed.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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