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Up Level Thursday And a Tribute

Hi friends, below is a tribute to our nephew. I am dealing with feelings of grief and regret. And I'm doing all the things I ask my clients to do to process feelings. And I'm also struggling with expectations of how people "should" respond. See, I'm a verbal processor and need people to call or offer to be there for me. Some did. Some didn't. The common belief is to not bother someone in grief and give them space, right? And we are all so different and process grief so differently. I told a friend of mine, who recently experienced the tragic loss of her mom, that I'm here for her. She can call if she needs to talk or she can be silent if she needs space. So, here I am processing grief, regret and expectations. Welcome to being a human! My heart goes out to his mom, his children, his brother and all of his immediate and extended family.

All of our hearts are hurting since we heard of your fatal motorcycle accident. Danny Stephenson. How can it be that you survived pulling people out of the Pentagon on 9/11 , rescuing wounded soldiers during several deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan ? . Your own helicopter was shot down and you survived. And now you are taken from us while doing what you loved - riding your motorcycle . My family always looked forward to seeing you at holidays, weddings and funerals. Everyone was drawn to you. You had a gift for Storytelling. A huge heart. At Bianca's wedding you told me and all my children that if they ever were in trouble and needed help to call you and you would come. I know you would have . You are a protector . You are funny . You are fierce. You are fearless. You loved and cared deeply. My regret is not having come to visit you in CO earlier. We were hoping for this summer . Now it's too late. You Will be sorely missed. Our nephew. Father of 3. Retired army flight medic. Son. Brother. Cousin. You left a mark on everyone that had the privilege of knowing you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

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