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Up Level Thursday and The New Normal

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Hi friends, how are you? I can only imagine the answers. What a question to ask, right? Maybe your new normal is:

  • being home with your children -Helping them do school work

  • working to exhaustion because you are in the medical field

  • being home without a job

  • being home not able to visit a loved one in the hospital

  • being home with a new baby without the added help of family

  • being separated from family because they are not allowed to travel

And every day we are getting new guidelines. A new normal.

And our brains are freaking out.

I know of a family whose elderly mom is in the hospital, and they can't visit.

Another family just had a new baby, and no help. A friend's husband is on an immune suppressor, because of a kidney transplant, and not even their adult children can visit.

For me it's keeping my husband safe who has a compromised immune system.

And postponing 3 Birthdays in April. One 16th milestone, one an 18th milestone.

We are also postponing a high school graduation party. And the biggest one, my daughter's wedding.

We just don't know.

I don't know if I can help my oldest with getting his new home ready.

What are your concerns?

Some are definitely huge. No doubt.

Some are smaller in comparison.Like, how do I manage my kid's schooling from home?

How do I deal with a preschooler while older kids are home?

How do I deal with boredom? Anxiety? Overwhelm?

We all need to accept the new normal.

Acceptance. Of what is now. And not worrying of the what if's of tomorrow.

Accepting how you feel right now. Worrying right now? Accept it. Stressed? Accept it.

Accepting other feelings as well. They are worried? Accept it. They are relaxed? accept it.

Whatever you are feeling right now, that's ok.

If you are ready to get some help with this huge adjustment, message me for a free chat, where we can assess how I can help you to get through this with a sane mind.

We are in this together. Reach out.

.PS: Message me for a free chat to see how you can deal with this new reality

. You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle Message me for a free call. #732-331-2246

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