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5 Love Language Gift Giving Ideas

Photo credit goes to element5digital

Hi friends,

How are you doing during this holiday season? Excited? Stressed? Worried? Happy? All of the above?

I just want to give you some practical ideas for gift giving relating to your partner's love language.

Remember the 5 love languages?

Acts of Service

Words of affirmation


Quality Time

Receiving gifts

Acts of Service:

Think of something you know they would like or something that would help them out .

For example: clearing the snow of their car in the morning ; warming up the car ( it's only been 2 years that I didn't have to do that); making them breakfast; make their favorite meal or dessert or oder it in; have the house clean or at least that one room that's bugging them.

Words of Affirmation:

Write a letter expressing your love for them; Thank them for specific characteristics you like in them or specific things they did; Write quotes that remind you of them on pretty cards and make that a 12 days before Christmas card giving ; Put post it notes throughout the house and in their car, closet, bathroom...with little 'I love you' messages.


Hold hands more often; give out kisses generously; gift them a coupon for a massage with special essential oils or lotions; enjoy a holiday movie while cuddling together.

Quality Time:

Gift them a special uninterrupted time with you ( without your phone!), be fully present , give your full attention to your partner; go for a walk together, especially if you're busy attending parties and shopping and hustling; carve out snippets of time just for you two; watch a holiday movie together; Make time each day to connect , I call it 'check in time'; a gift card to a restaurant for just the two of you; or lets say they like dancing, sign up for a dance lesson with them; cook together.

Receiving Gifts:

Try to find a gift that has meaning to them; remember something they mentioned months ago that they'd like and surprise them with it ( take notes through out the year and be aware when they drop hints); get tickets to their favorite band or comedian; know their hobby and gift them a class for a painting evening, a yoga class, something just for them.

I would love for you to add your ideas. Of course these tips can be adjusted to use with your children!

Now, have fun with it, and remember : all they want for Christmas is YOU!

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,



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