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Tuesday Thoughts And Celebrate

Hi Friends, I trust that last week's suggestions on less comparison and more shining of your light were helpful. As I write this, it is just a few days after one of my daughter's wedding. A time to celebrate! That is surely an occasion where everyone wants to participate and experience part of the couple's contagious joy! But what about every day? Do you celebrate something every day? Now, your mind probably went to birthdays or big accomplishments. Those are interspersed throughout the year. Let's adjust our view to a much smaller focus. Often, I ask my clients what they did well in the past week. Right now take a moment and think of something that you did well in the last seven days. You most assuredly will come up with quite a few things. Would you feel free to celebrate those accomplishment? Or would that feel weird? Thank goodness I have friends who see when I do well with something. And sometimes I even see it myself!If you are struggling to find things to celebrate, how about these?

  • You kept your cool during a tense moment.

  • You drank more water as you had intended to.

  • You finally got a routine off to a good start.

  • You showed up calm and centered with a person who caused you many headaches.

  • You are reading daily.

  • You kept a promise you made. 

  • You made that dreaded phone call.

  • You learned a new skill.

  • You made a new friend. 

  • You signed up for a new college class.

  • You got the promotion.

Do you see how many things there could be to celebrate? 

How do you celebrate all this, you might ask?

Here is an example from my own life. When I had my first clients, I felt so good and a friend also had accomplished a milestone in her business. So we said: No one else will celebrate this. It's big to us and we deserve a little recognition. So, I brought a bottle of champagne to her house and we said a toast and raised the glass. It was simple. We didn’t even go out to an expensive restaurant. It wasn't fancy. But, it felt so good to acknowledge each other's wins and celebrate them together. 

According to a 2017 study, wins should be celebrated as soon as the win has been achieved. So, choose a manageable celebration or reward; something you can easily do or have as soon as you have succeeded in your small win. What you see as a celebration might not be a celebration to me, and vice versa. What would make you feel great? Maybe it's listening to your favorite song. Maybe it's calling a good friend to share your win. Maybe it's making your favorite meal. How about a walk in your favorite park? Or a coffee from your favorite coffee shop? Or invite a friend for a small meal? How about treating yourself to a movie? Even at home in your PJ's and some home made popcorn counts! 

The ideas and possibilities are endless. The point is to recognize the small wins. To pause and very intentionally do something to cement in your brain that you did something well. It is so important. This also keeps you motivated on your road to success. 

Try it out and let me know what small wins you celebrated. 

I can't wait to hear from you. 

Your affirmation for this week:

I am celebrating small wins


PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving towards a more confident you.

You are loved

Deeply loved

Loved beyond measure

Until next time,


Write to me to schedule a free life coaching consultation.

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