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Tuesday Thoughts And What The Heck Does A Sloth Have To Do With The Holidays?

Hi friends, I trust you enjoyed my reader’s contributions on what brings them joy. Now, to todays topic of the sloth and what the heck does a sloth have to do with the holidays? You know the moment when you hear or see something and it just speaks to you? This happened to me recently. We all had quite a year with lots of stressful events. Mine had plenty, and some of them I haven’t even shared! And sometimes it just feels like we are barely holding on. You know the feeling. You also know when something you hear gets on your nerves. Especially when it gets repeated and is presented as something good and your whole body and mind and soul wants to scream: "NO”. So what are those two things? Let's start with the latter and go from there. It seems that everyone is saying or writing the following: "Finish the year strong!" And this is where my body, mind and soul go: Hold on a moment. Where am I supposed to get the strength to fuel my last stretch to the finish line? What finish line? Is there even a finish line? Now, don't get me wrong. I realize at the years end, we look back and reflect and usually we can gather up the strength for that last stretch of the run and adrenalin kicks in and you are sprinting even faster than at the beginning of the race. We have all seen sprinters who fell, got back up and even passed other runners and won the race! Right? You can picture it. And that is very inspirational. And I LOVE those stories. But not this year. Not for me. I am going to rebel against all those loud voices and… Here is the second part. The one my body, soul and mind aligned with this year. It was a tough year. And my readers only know half the story. So one day, I am on social media to relax, and on pops this guy, (I don't even know his name), and he shows the picture of a sloth. And that this is the way he is finishing his year. How? Slowly. Hanging on. Not in a race. Savoring each moment. Not in a rush. Not caring as much what others are doing. Just slowly moving forward. Just hanging on. Can anyone else relate? This spoke to me. It aligned with me. I am saying yes to finishing the year like a sloth! This is not what society tells us. But it is exactly what I needed to hear and what I needed to share with you. Give yourself permission to take it slow. To acknowledge yourself for hanging on. Hanging on takes strength too. And it might be all the strength you have right now. And that is ok. Our minds, bodies and souls need SLOW sometimes. What does that look like to you? Maybe it means listening to your body and not pushing it as hard. Maybe it means deleting some items on your calendar. Maybe it means adding some items that mean a lot to you. Maybe it means taking more breaks to just breathe. Maybe it means asking for help. Maybe it means taking a nap. Maybe it means giving yourself permission to grieve. I highly encourage you to pay attention to how you feel. And allow yourself to give yourself permission to go slow this month. It's ok. No one else has to like your choice. It's yours, and if it's best for you, then go for it. Finish the year like a sloth! I like it. How about you?

I am finishing the year slow. I am holding on. And that is ok.


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You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,

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