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Up Level Thursday And I've Got You

Hi friends, how are you?

Isn't this how we feel about 2020?

My daughter in law said this cake sums it up for her.

It is a year we will never forget for sure. It's stretching everyone in ways we didn't expect.

Fall has started ( even Florida had cooler temps this morning), winter is coming and I believe every single one of us needs to be paying attention to our mental and emotional health more then ever.

Anxiety is on a record high. So is depression. Loneliness. Unhealthy eating or drinking habits.

You know you can go to the gym to take care of your body. You can work with a personal coach.

But what do we do to take care of our minds and emotions?

I'll tell you what I do. I am in a group where I get coaching. I have a friend who is also a coach and we are there for each other. I take classes and read books that teach me how to be more aware of my thoughts and how to deal with my feelings.

I am learning to allow feelings instead of resisting them.

And I can teach you how to do all of this in our coach /coachee relationship.

You don't have to carry the burdens of your life alone. You don't need to be stronger in some way. You just need to put in a little time listening, learning and trying.

In the words of one of my clients after saying she was done with coaching and we had one more session.

In tears she said:

"Isabelle, I need you in my life."

Sign up now.

Set up a discovery call, and let's finish 2020 in a better state of mind.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle Call or write for a free life coaching consultation #732-331-2246

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